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Đàn organ giá rẻ XY-323

Mã số sản phẩm :
l 61-Keys with touch- response l 120 Timbres /120 Rhythms l 61 Keyboard Percussions l 8 panel precussions /8 Demo songs ...

l   61-Keys with touch- response

l   120 Timbres /120 Rhythms

l   61 Keyboard Percussions

l   8 panel precussions /8 Demo songs

l   Record & Playback function

l   Vibrato/Sustain control

l   Intro/Ending/ Fill in

l   Single Finger /Fingered chord

l   Transpose Function

l   Daul-Keyboard Function

l   Programming & Replay

l   2 Lesson mode

l   Multi-function LED displayer

l   Large Scale Integration/Matrix Controlling logical circuit

l   External speaker

l   Ac Power/Double-channel Output

l   Format:965X365X140mm

l   Weight:6.5KG

l   Tone area:C2-C7

l   Output power:3 X 2 W

l   Rated voltage:DC9V 500mA

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